Resilience at its Best

NEC is a globally recognised brand, renowned for resilient and intelligent telephony solutions. Millions of users in small and mid-size businesses around the world connect using NEC and they undoubtedly provide one of the most comprehensive unified communications systems available today.

Included in our portfolio are the SV8100 and the smaller SL1100, capable of providing anywhere from 2 to 500+ extensions. Advanced features and call centre applications make for easier call management, a more focused workforce, and an enhanced customer experience by dealing with spikes in call traffic effectively.

NEC’s suite of products and phone systems encompass fixed, mobile and converged communications such as e-mail, presence and instant messaging. With options to use a digital, IP or DECT phones, a softphone client or Mobile Extension, the solution enables you to always be in touch, no matter where you are. Options also include dedicated features aimed at assisting specific trades including the healthcare and hospitality industries.

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“With the speed of business today, the importance of the desktop phone has never been greater. Today’s employee requires an accessible communication tool at any location in order to be as efficient and productive as possible.”


Powerful business communications on a small budget

  • Feature-rich solution, simple to use
  • Supports traditional line and SIP connectivity
  • Offers excellent home-working capabilities
  • Technology that can be expanded and will grow with your business
  • Easy-to-deploy and maintain with centralised IT management tools

“With more than 50 years experience of providing communications solutions to customers worldwide, NEC understand that every business is different. Combining a global vision with a local presence, they pride themselves on evolutionary technologies, unsurpassed support and environmentally friendly solutions.”

Why choose the NEC SL1100?

The SL1100 is the ideal solution for any small business, helping your team become more reachable, more responsive and more productive. Intuitive handsets with time-saving features help you to work faster, whilst advanced features and applications help to increase productivity.

Why Choose the NEC SV8100?

The NEC SV8100 is easily expanded, growing with your business. Advanced applications monitoring staff productivity, and call management solutions can be added at any time. The SV8100 brings all your team together by combining the communication requirements of your entire workforce.

What is a PBX?

PBX stands for Private Branch Exchange. It is a private telephone network used within your business to answer and transfer calls. A PBX offers numerous call management features, and improves staff productivity and customer experience.

A PBX connects using analogue, digital (ISDN) or IP connectivity, and comes with a range of handsets and advanced management applications.

How much does a NEC telephone system cost?

A full survey of your business and premises would be required, at which point the correct solution will be recommended.

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How much does a telephone system maintenance contract cost?

All new NEC telephone systems include a free 12 month maintenance plan. Ongoing maintenance would priced upon your final solution.

Do I buy or lease the equipement?

You can purchase the equipment outright or we can arrange an ongoing lease.

How long would it take to install?

The lead time on installation is currently 21 days, subject to a full survey.

If you would like to find out more about our NEC telephone systems, send us a message and we will get right back you.

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