Comprehensive Hosted Telephony from Horizon

Horizon is a complete telephony solution suitable for any size business and replaces the need for a traditional PBX in each office location. It has an extensive range of ‘big business’ call and administration features normally reserved for large telephone systems, and as it is hosted in the cloud there’s no expensive upfront equipment, lease agreements, and ongoing maintenance packages.

The solution brings together fixed and mobile capabilities, easily accessible via a user-friendly web interface. Taking the management burden away from your IT team and allowing you to configure Horizon to adapt to your business and it’s everyday changes, wherever you and your staff need to be.

Advanced call management and reporting lead to improved staff performance and customer service, reducing costs and overheads through efficiency.

Prices start from only £9.95 per month.

Sound good? It really is…

“Hosted Telephony is providing great hardware savings and slashing traditional telephone bills.”

Big business benefits from a low-cost solution

  • Make and receive calls securely from virtually anywhere
  • ISDN, PBX and maintenance costs removed
  • Low monthly user fee and calling plans
  • Secure, fully managed and automatically upgraded
  • Adds continuity during a disaster or emergency

“Horizon suits businesses where flexibility and business continuity is critical. It’s ideal for connecting multi-site organisations or for staff working in various locations, reducing the need for telecoms equipment and maintenance at each site. Horizon is quick to deploy and easily scalable, supporting your business as it grows and can serve up to 1,000 employees.”

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A feature-rich and highly flexible solution

Administrators and employees have the flexibility to easily direct calls and manage user profiles, meaning you’ll never miss a call again. Horizon is perfect for connecting multiple office locations, hot-desking, home working and when commuting, even overseas.

Hardware that doesn’t cost the earth

Horizon can be used with a range of desktop handsets from a choice of manufacturers, through an easy-to-use desktop client available for your PC or Mac and with the Horizon smartphone app. Keeping you and your colleagues connected, no matter where you are.

Easily control your fixed and mobile telephony

How can Horizon save me money?

As Horizon is hosted in the cloud, the solution does not require an on-site PBX in each office location, saving on expensive hardware costs, complicated lease agreements and upgrades.

In addition, Horizon's extensive functionality allows for flexible and remote working, creating savings in overheads and improved efficiency.

ISDN line rentals are eliminated, call plans are generally cheaper and calls between office locations using Horizon become free.

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How does Horizon work?

Horizon works using Voice over Internet Protocol or VoIP. Calls are made over broadband connectivity rather than traditional phone lines.

As the solution is hosted in the cloud, calls can be taken from anywhere you have access to Horizon's web-based control panel or smartphone app.

Can we keep our current telephone numbers?

Yes, local, national and even premium rate numbers can be migrated. In fact, as Horizon is a hosted solution you can choose a number from any area code within the country as the line is no longer location specific.

If you would like to check any specific numbers, get in touch with a member of our team.

What is the installation lead time?

A simple site-survey is required to make sure your business connectivity is suitable for Horizon. Once approved your business can be up and running in as little as 21 days.

To find out if your business is Horizon ready, get in touch with a member of our team.

Does Horizon offer advanced reporting and call centre management?

Horizon enables businesses to measure key performance information through in-depth call management reporting and offers wall board capabilities for real-time call management and call centres. Horizon also offers the option for a full receptionist console.

To find out more about Horizon and the benefits of a hosted solution, get in touch with someone in our team who will be happy to give you a live demo of the solution and answer any questions.