Introducing our range of Monitoring, Tracking and Fleet Management Solutions from Crystal Ball

It may be controversial and very often disliked but tracking your vehicles and employees is essential in order to increase productivity, drive down expenses and improve safety and welfare standards. In fact, businesses in the UK have a legal obligation to provide a duty of care to their drivers and remote workers and to adhere to key government legislation.

Automating daily tasks, precise journey planning and providing accurate delivery or meeting times to your customers can only improve efficiency, fuel costs and customer service alone. At Vision Corporate Services we offer an affordable range of fleet services and management solutions from our partner Crystal Ball.

“Speeding has been drastically reduced by at least 90%, private usage has decreased by 70-80%, and we have seen a 30% reduction in overtime costs.”

SmartCam Pro with integrated Fleet Tracking and 3G HD Dash Cam Solution

The SmartCam SC700 is Crystal Ball’s latest innovative 3G and Bluetooth Android device, providing comprehensive fleet tracking with a completely integrated HD video recording solution, ideal for fleets of all sizes.

With all the benefits of Crystal Ball’s FleetTracker Solution, the device incorporates a 5″ Android display with GPS vehicle tracking and a built-in accelerometer with automatic and manual 1080p HD video recording and instant uploads. SmartCam provides invaluable evidence in respect of any FNOL insurance claims and improves driver behaviour.

Features and Benefits

  • Full GPS tracking management from FleetTracker
  • Android smart device with touch screen display
  • 1080HD video recording sent over 3G
  • Built-in accelerometer
  • Automatic video uploads by event type; low, medium or high severity.
  • Visual & audible speed camera alerts
  • Bluetooth hands-free car kit
  • Paperless vehicle checks
  • Driver ID

Manual and event-generated SmartCam videos are uploaded to the admin portal and Manager App automatically and immediately after they are recorded.

Installation charge of £50 applies.

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Vehicle Tracking

FleetTracker is a web-based GPS vehicle tracking system that provides real-time visibility and control over your remote workforce and fleet of vehicles.

The solution eliminates the time-consuming tasks of managing a fleet and offers detailed timesheets and reporting, indicating where you can adapt your business to reduce fuel and running costs. For a low monthly fee, it can improve workforce productivity, driver behaviour and lead to increased customer satisfaction.

Features and Benefits

  • Reduces fuel and running costs
  • Increases driver safety and highlights training requirements
  • Detailed route planning, real-time location and journey information
  • Geofence and speed limit breach alerts
  • Historical journey reporting and automated timesheets

FleetTracker has all the features your business needs to run and manage a business efficiently out on the road.

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Mobile Phone Tracking

MobileTrack is a mobile phone tracking solution developed to monitor and track the location of your staff whether they are in their car, on foot or working from home.

MobileTrack’s web-based field service management system displays live location and journey information on to a Google Maps interface using your smartphone’s built-in GPS. Detailed reports and timesheets provide accurate activity and performance data enabling you to monitor your employees’ productivity, safety, and behaviour.

Features and Benefits

  • Detailed on foot activity report
  • Online web management portal
  • Real-time location and journey information
  • Historical journey reporting and automated timesheets
  • Monitor private vehicles (grey-fleet)

MobileTrack offers a complete tracking solution for managing a fleet of privately owned vehicles and remote workers.

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Lone Worker Protection

Mobile Lone Worker Protection and Mobile Rescue from Crystal Ball enables you to monitor the location, safety and welfare status of your employees in real-time.

The solution provides full map visibility in real-time using GPS, GPRS, and NFC technology built-in to most smartphones, without the need for an additional or dedicated device. In an emergency situation, panic alarms can be activated discretely on the persons smartphone even while the keypad is locked.

Features and Benefits

  • Live location updates
  • Timed welfares sessions with panic alarm
  • Listen in and monitor appointments
  • Addresses Health & Safety legislation
  • Tested to British Standard BS8484

You can also set up timed welfare checks which will automatically raise an alarm in case a worker becomes unable to access their device.

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Track Trailers and Equipment

Trailer and Asset Tracking units are designed and installed covertly to monitor and track valuable company assets and assist with locating and recovering items such as plant machinery and trailers.

As well as offering live vehicle tracking while on the move, the tracking units can last up to 18 months once fully charged after being disconnected from its power source and provide location updates every 24 hours when stationary.

Features and Benefits

  • Dustproof and waterproof to a 1m depth (IP67 rated)
  • Location and journey mapping updates
  • New movement and geofence alerts
  • Nearest postcode information
  • 18 months battery life with low battery alarm

Alerts can be set for when stationary equipment is moved with tracking information provided every 5 minutes. The unit is IP67 rated, durability.

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How does GPS tracking work?

GPS (Global Positioning System) is a system of satellites that communicate directly with your GPS device to determine your location, speed and direction of travel.

What is an NFC?

NFC stands for Near Field Communications. It is widely available on most phones and tablets. NFC allows your mobile device to communicate with other NFC devices for applications such as mobile payments, and is also used to automate routine processes for field based personnel. NFC tags can be used with Mobile NFC to automate tasks, such as registering employees arriving or departing locations, and recording maintenance checks.

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What is Geofencing?

A geofence is a specific area set out on a map by a business or employer. This is then used to identify when someone enters and exists this area. Geofences are used to monitor drivers, deliveries, staff and are now used to automatically inform customers that they are entering an area where a specific service or offer is available to them.

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What are the vehicle tracking laws?

Vehicle tracking and monitoring regulations are extensive. Guidance can be found in the Privacy at Work document below from Unite.

What is Lone Working?

A lone worker may work in an environment by themselves, without close or direct supervision and where they could be at risk from their clients or equipment. For staff working alone, risk assessments are required by law to determine and control any health and safety risks. Please refer to our download, MOBILE LWP above to find out more.

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