Protecting your Devices and Securing Company Data

In just a few years the management needs of companies have grown much bigger than running a fleet of basic mobile phones, and they can no longer ignore the threat from hacking and malware on mobile devices, especially with the evolution of BYOD.

Businesses must now consider the importance of tracking, securing and maintaining a network of valuable and sophisticated devices, as well as their data.

“87% of small businesses reported a cyber breach in the past year (an 11% increase over 2012). The cost of a cyber-security breach is estimated to be between £35,000 and £65,000 for a small business.” (

Mobile Device Management (MDM) from SOTI

Mobile Device Management or MDM allows businesses to take secure, centralised control of their mobile devices containing sensitive corporate data.

With the workforce becoming more mobile, remotely accessing corporate email, data, and internal apps is vital, and with this attackers will look to infiltrate the most vulnerable targets. Bring Your Own Device policies can complicate matters further, allowing hackers access to unprotected personal equipment via social media, apps, and personal email.

Why Choose Mobile Device Management?

  • Anti-virus for added protection against malicious files and applications
  • Remote control of email, apps, and settings on devices while anywhere in the world
  • Push specific settings and content to large groups of devices in one go
  • Remotely wipe, blacklist and restrict control of device features
  • Locate and track devices, and set access based on location (GeoFence)
  • Set, manage, and monitor data usage and expenses

Our MDM solution can be self-managed or fully managed, end-to-end and includes environment creation, deployment, and 24/7 support. It is available on a wide range of devices and operating systems including Android, iOS and Windows.

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McAfee Multi Access Mobile Security from O2

McAfee Multi Access mobile security is a single subscription service managed from the cloud. It protects PCs, Macs, tablets 
and smartphones from the threat of rising cyber crime.

It offers real-time protection against online threats, malware, and untrustworthy websites, and prevents money, photos and contacts from being stolen.

McAfee Multi Access offers comprehensive protection for your online identity and data and lost or 
stolen devices by encrypting your devices, secured by an online password and includes an Internet firewall for PCs and Macs.

Why Choose McAfee Mobile Security?

  • Easy to install and manage online
  • Offers real-time protection on PC’s, Mac’s, tablets and smartphones
  • Low monthly subscription includes cover for up to 5 devices
  • Manage, lock and wipe devices remotely from management console
  • Data encrypted and password protected

McAfee Multi Access is suitable for companies with no more than 20 employees and supports iOS, Android and Windows 8 for tablets and PCs. It is a self-managed solution.

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MaaS360 from IBM

MaaS360 from IBM is a powerful, cloud-based solution that puts mobile device management and security in your hands.

Are you in control of what your team downloads onto their mobile devices? IBM Maas360 allows you to manage any smartphone and tablet on your network, protecting your devices and most importantly your data, 24/7. It prevents the bad things from getting in, and the good things from leaking out of your corporate network.

Why Choose MaaS360 from IBM?

  • Cost-effective, cloud-based mobile device management and security solution
  • All your data and devices are fully encrypted, safe and sound
  • One place online to manage all your devices
  • Quickly and easily roll-out settings to smartphones and tablets on your network
  • Reduce your hardware bills and let employees use their own devices with BYOD

IBM Maas360 is available as a self-service or a fully-managed solution, priced on a per-user basis. IBM’s next-generation Mobile Application Platform uses cloud technology to simplify the deployment and management of applications and by hosting your solutions in the cloud, roll-out and adaptations are faster and cheaper, and support costs are lower.

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What is BYOD?

With the workforce becoming progressively more ‘mobile’, the demand to access corporate data is becoming increasingly vital, as is the equipment and technology to make this possible, making mobile technology essential to running any business.

Some organisations have opted for a Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) approach to speed up deployment, without the heavy expenditure.

BYOD has the ability to improve productivity and business performance and small, medium and large scale enterprises in all vertical sectors are benefitting from this approach.

This approach works for some organisations and is often in favour with employees.

If you would like to find out more about how BYOD can affect your business, send us a message and we will get right back you.

How does MDM work?

Once devices are enrolled to our MDM portal, MDM simply sits in the background to manage and monitor the device, whether that be its location, the data usage or the ability to push applications.

Devices can be completely remotely managed by MDM and very little user interaction is ever needed meaning the business can retain control over their assets and make life much easier for the actual device users.

Any data or information that is collected via MDM is all available to report in our web portal.

MDM is now an essential part of a businesses technology rollout. Give a member of our team a call on 0333 321 4888 to find out more.

What devices does MDM work on?

MDM works on all Android, iOS and Windows mobile platforms (smartphones and tablets) and also works on the Windows Desktop platform to allow management and support of Windows Laptops and PC’s.

Can MDM be tampered with? Is it secure?

MDM is very secure and makes the devices you roll out across your business more secure. Whether it by disabling third party applications or by pushing passwords or PIN codes, MDM is a vital security tool for any business of any size.

We put a number of things in place to ensure that MDM can’t be tampered with. On Android, we can restrict the ability to master reset devices and also never allow a user to remove our MDM application. We are also part of the Apple DEP (Device Enrolment Program) which automatically enrols devices to our MDM portal meaning that devices are always secure and managed by the business.

How long is the contract?

An MDM contract is 24 months.

Give a member of our team a call on 0333 321 4888 to find out more about the benefits Mobile Device Management.

If you have any questions or concerns about the threats to mobile security and about how you can protect your business, contact a member of our team.