Vodafone Business Tariffs and Solutions

Vodafone offers an extensive portfolio of services and solutions ranging from mobile tariffs with great-value international and data bolt-ons through to fully managed telephony systems that integrate your mobile and fixed communications along with a range of collaboration tools. Their market-leading tariffs offer all-inclusive minutes and texts without the need for a shared parent tariff, as well as a versatile flat rate plan where you only pay per minute, providing excellent value for money and a great deal of flexibility.

Vodafone is committed to offering a comprehensive range of network services for businesses of all sizes. Their network already supports 82% of FTSE 100 companies and 77% of UK emergency services, and they continue to invest millions each year to ensure resilience for their customers. Coupled with their extensive super-fast 4G network coverage, part of a £2bn nationwide network service roll-out, Vodafone is a popular choice for many UK companies.

“Vodafone is committed to offering the best network service and currently support 82% of FTSE 100 companies and 77% of UK’s emergency services.”

Vodafone Red Entertainment

Our most popular individual plan

Vodafone Red Extra enables small businesses to take control of their spend. Tariffs offer unlimited minutes, texts and a generous data allowance, even whilst roaming in the EU. Plans include WiFi calling.

  • Individual user
  • Max 20 users on one account
  • Unlimited UK calls & texts
  • 8GB of 4G UK data
  • ‘Roam-free’ use your UK data, minutes and texts in 50 Roam-free destinations
  • £5 per day to ‘Roam-further’ in 60 Worldwide destinations
  • 24-month entertainment packages on selected tariffs. Choose from Sky Sports Mobile, Spotify or NOW TV

Vodafone Business Plus Shared Data

Our most popular data sharer plan

With Vodafone’s Business Plus plans, customers get the best value for money for their business. With unlimited UK calls and texts, customers can choose a data bundle which is shared between all users on the plan, ensuring individual data allowances are not wasted.

  • 1-49 users
  • Unlimited UK calls & texts
  • ‘Roam-free’ use your UK data, minutes and texts in 50 Roam-free destinations
  • £5 per day to ‘Roam-further’ in 60 Worldwide destinations
  • 300 minutes to 0800, 0845 and 0870
  • Add shared pool of data from 1GB to 1000GB
  • Ability to set data thresholds for individual users

See the full range of Vodafone Business Plus and Business Advance price plans.

Please note: Vodafone reserves the right to suspend or terminate connections where it identifies usage which it believes is outside normal commercial practice, made via automated means, damaging or impairing to the Vodafone network or fraudulent, abusive, illegal or a nuisance.

Retail Price Index (RPI) is a measure of the increase in prices for consumers and businesses on average across the country over the last 12 months. This measure of inflation is published monthly by the Office for National Statistics. RPI will be announced annually by Vodafone in January and your subsequent bills will be adjusted by the applicable amount from April onwards.

Vodafone ‘Roam-Free’ Global Roaming Inclusive

Following a change in EU roaming rules, you’ll now be able to use your UK minutes, text and data allowance in 50 Roam-free destinations when travelling within the EU. Find out more about EU roaming changes from Ofcom here »

See the Vodafone Roam-free map »

Vodafone ‘Roam-Further’ Global Roaming £5 per day

Use your UK minutes, texts and data in 60 destinations on the world’s largest 4G network with Vodafone Roam-further, for just £5 a day. You’ll only be charged on the days you use your phone, enabling you to work seamlessly whilst abroad.

See the Vodafone Roam-further map »

Vodafone Mobile Broadband From £8.33 p/m

Vodafone’s sim only mobile broadband plans can be used with a variety of 3G & 4G tablets and dongles. Tariffs range from 1GB to 50GB of data allowance and come with inclusive WiFi. Prices start from only £8.33 per month.

Vodafone WiFi & 4G Calling Free

Customers on selected Vodafone Business tariffs can now make calls over WiFi & 4G using their inclusive minutes, great for that mobile coverage blackspot or when your phone has run out of charge. WiFi and 4G Calling requires a 4G Calling enabled handset and activated coverage. Learn more about 4G Calling enabled handsets and coverage here »

Microsoft Office 365 for Business From Vodafone From £3.80 p/m

Office 365 is a low-cost way to access your email, contacts, and documents in real-time and on almost any mobile device, no matter where you are. It offers flexibility when you need it most, enabling staff to work together more efficiently and securely, whilst using all your familiar Office apps, including Outlook, Word, Excel and PowerPoint. Hosted in the cloud, you’ll always be using the latest version without paying any regular fees to upgrade.

Learn more about Microsoft Office 365 »

Vodafone One Net Business From £7 p/m

Vodafone One Net delivers a flexible and feature-rich hosted telephony solution that combines your mobile and landline services. One Net provides you with one number, local or national that can be routed to any chosen device at the click of a button. Eliminating the need for separate contracts and suppliers, Vodafone One Net offers an affordable solution without the need for expensive hardware and ongoing maintenance fees.

Find out more about Vodafone One Net »

Vodafone Sure Signal Coverage Solution From £80 (One-Off)

Vodafone Sure Signal provides a mobile phone signal at your home or business premises where coverage is poor or non-existent. Simple to set up, it uses your broadband connection to provide a clear 3G signal for up to eight devices at once.

For corporations, Vodafone Sure Signal Premium is the UK’s first enterprise-grade indoor coverage solution. Resilient and secure, Sure Signal Premium can be rapidly deployed and offers super-fast 4G coverage to businesses with a minimum of 320 employees.

Find out more about Vodafone Sure Signal »

Vodafone Rapid 4-Hour Phone & Sim Card Replacement Service From FREE

Whatever it takes, if your phone is accidentally damaged, lost, stolen, or has simply stopped working, Vodafone will get a replacement to you almost anywhere in the UK within 4 hours as long as your claim is made within a specified time frame. The claims process is simple and there are no forms to fill in.

You can choose to have your replacement phone delivered to you anywhere and it will come ready to use with battery charge to ensure you’re not delayed any further, they’ll even help you set your new phone up and port your number across if necessary.

Vodafone Rapid is available on all Business Premier plans where phone insurance is in place. Cover starts from FREE to up to £10 per phone, per month depending on your price plan and the level of cover you require.

Find out more about Vodafone Rapid Insurance »

How does Vodafone's roaming work?

Vodafone offers a range of roaming solutions which enable you to use your minutes, texts, and data whilst travelling abroad. Most users accounts are set to roam automatically but it's always best to check your set up before you go.

Mobile data has to be enabled in your mobile device settings and your voicemail will require a PIN activation before travelling in order to access your messages.

To find out more about available bolt-on's, check out our guide above or click here to find out more about Vodafone's international charges to, or whilst in specific countries.

What is Vodafone Red?

Vodafone Red+ tariffs offer complete awareness and control over your monthly account spend. With unlimited minutes and texts, you no longer need to worry about out-of-bundle charges. The main account holder purchases a data bolt-on which is then shared with each user on the account, on a range of devices.

Individual data limits can be set and if you run our of data, further bundles can be added during the month.

Get in touch to find out more about how Vodafone Red+ can help reduce your mobile phone bills.

How does Vodafone Sure Signal work?

Vodafone Sure Signal enhances your network connectivity in mobile coverage blackspots or where the signal is poor. The solution is perfect for a home or small office where there is a broadband connection as calls are routed via WiFi.

Although you can register up to 32 numbers on your account, only four people can use Sure Signal at any one time. Set up is easy, once you have registered your account and the device will configure automatically.

Vodafone Sure Signal Premium is also available to businesses with more than 320 employees.

Call us on 0333 321 4888 for more information.

What is Vodafone's voicemail number?

You can check your Vodafone voicemail by calling 121 from your handset or +44 7836 121 121 from any other handset or whilst abroad.

If you would like to access your Vodafone voicemail whilst abroad it is important to set up a PIN number before you leave the UK or you voicemail services will be restricted.

Find out more about Vodafone voicemail.

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