One Solution, One Supplier, One Bill…

Vodafone One Net Business is a feature-rich telephony solution that fully integrates your company landline and mobile phone connectivity into a single hosted phone solution. Using only one virtual number, calls are routed seamlessly to reach the service your customers needs, whether you or your staff are working in the office, on the road or at home.

One Net offers the flexibility a business needs to remain connected and is perfect for a company who need to join multiple sites and remote workers. Call monitoring and reporting features make for reduced administration and a more productive workforce, while a host of call options present a professional image.

The financial benefits of One Net are endless. PBX, maintenance, and ISDN costs are removed, with no expensive lease and finance agreements and no charges for software upgrades.

Prices start from only £7 per month.

“Vodafone is the only company that can provide a fully integrated suite of mobile and fixed communications services from the cloud on its own network.”

Stay constantly connected with One Net Business

  • Make and receive calls securely, from virtually anywhere
  • Reduce wasted commute time, expenses and the environmental impact of business travel
  • Monitor productivity and improve workflow
  • Provide continuity during a disaster or emergency, transferring your calls seamlessly
  • Easy to expand, future-proof & automatically upgraded

“SMEs need to be able to respond quickly to customer requests wherever they are, or risk losing out to the competition. With One Net and the new Office 365 and Skype collaboration we can offer UK businesses the complete communications package that they need to succeed today.”

Vodafone One Net with Office 365 and Skype for Business »

Vodafone One Net Collaboration with Microsoft Office 365

Vodafone One Net Collaboration offers an indispensable suite of intelligent and collaborative features. It allows 24/7 access to all your Microsoft Office documents, emails, and desktop software including Outlook, Word, Excel, and PowerPoint, from almost any phone, tablet, laptop, and desktop, and from anywhere you have an internet or mobile data connection.

With the ability to see the availability of your colleagues and customers, you can quickly make and receive voice calls straight from your documents and emails, seamlessly switch calls between your devices, set up conferences and video calls, and share and collaborate on documents; reducing downtime and making sure you’re always in the loop whilst on the move.

What is Unified Communications?

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How does One Net work?

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Can I use my existing numbers?

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How long is the contract term?

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How long does it take to install One Net?

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